Accidental Daughter

Love at first sight - What happens when your best plans didn't involve a muscular dark eyed rugby player? Is love a distraction, or can plans change for love?

My Little Secret

My best friend's little sister should have been off limits - but a brief affair changed everything. Then she left without a word. Now it's been five years and she's back. Has anything changed?

Royally Screwed - Leo

Even the future King of Scotland wants to be loved. But is Emery, a self proclaimed nobody the right woman for the job?

Deceived by Fire

New beginnings, that's what Becky was there for. Until she meets Freddie, and one night of passion changes everything

Finding the Right Tempo

Forced Proximity - a hotel booking mix up puts Vanessa and Chris in the same room. Sparks fly between them, but will they end up giving in and seeing where it leads?

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