Deceived by Fire


I’m determined to start fresh with a new town, a new job and a new set of rules to live by.

The rules are simple; don’t get involved with any of my student’s parents, and get to know people before letting them into my life. It’s crazy how quickly they get forgotten after meeting the smoking hot local fireman which leads to a connection I can’t resist.

The sparks between us lead to an amazing night together but in the afterglow, I realize I should have known better. I didn’t expect him to be someone who would deceive me but I’ve been burned before.


I’m a nosey person by nature but never expected to find her when moving boxes for a new resident in Armstrong. And it definitely wasn’t my intention to fall for her after only one night together, but I did.

It was the best night of my life, the heat between us unlike anything I’ve ever felt before. Things couldn’t be better, or at least that’s what I thought until she suddenly disappears – taking my heart with her.

I don’t understand how things went downhill so quickly, now all I can do is try to move on with my life. But is that even possible?

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