My Little Secret

Mackenzie Robertson—my best friend’s little sister—is off-limits. I tried to stay away until I couldn’t. Especially not after I saw her all grown up.
One night led to another, and then another until she disappeared without a word. Not even a goodbye.
Our relationship was short, but while it lasted, I was happy. I knew it wouldn’t last forever, we had lives outside of that summer.
Even five years later, I was still asking myself the same question. Would I ever get over Mackenzie Robertson?

When Dallas moved to Silverbell Shore, he became my brother’s best friend. I was young, naïve, and hopelessly infatuated, so I tried to be their friend. It didn’t work out, of course.
The summer I finished school, he came back from college and everything changed.
Being friends wasn’t enough for either of us, we had our little secret relationship where we spent many nights together. How we didn’t get caught; I’d never know.
Before the summer was over, I got some life-altering news. So I ran.
Five years later, I’m back in town. How long will I be able to keep my little secret?

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