Royally Screwed: Leo


I’m Emery Caulderwood, a self-proclaimed nobody.
Destined for a single life.
My parents disowned me, cut me off completely, after I accidentally made headlines with my past relationship. But the joke’s on them. Finally, I have the chance to prove myself. To do something that’ll make me stand up to them.
I’ve sworn off men ever since that disaster, but then, he came along.

My Prince Charming.


I’m heir to the throne, soon to be King of Scotland.
I’m expected to act in a certain manner.
Marry for convenience and status, not for love.
I’m not built that way much to my parents’ displeasure.
I’m the so-called bad boy prince that just wanted to be loved for me, not my title.
Then I meet her, the feisty goddess that’s literally falling out of her dress.
She had no clue who I was, I was just another person to her.
Until I panicked and fled.

Will we get our happily ever after or will we be royally screwed?

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